Lantis Project

What's it all about?

On this site you will find various projects and code snippets that have been written or co-written by Lantis1008.

Gargoyle Adblock Plugin

This plugin is a DNS adblocking solution developed into a Gargoyle plugin based on the works of Teffalump... (more)

Wifi Toggle Script

This script enabled wifi toggling functionality on the press of a button on the WNDR3800... (more)

Gargoyle Support for WRT1900AC

Gargoyle now supports the WRT1900AC V1 and V2 as well as the WRT1200AC. The latest builds can always be found here ... (more)

Custom Gargoyle Builds

If you feel that your router deserves Gargoyle support, but it isn't current supported, make a request HERE. Pre-built images can be found here... (more)

Gargoyle Spectrum Analyser Plugin

This plugin allows you to visualise the wireless networks around you to help you choose a less congested channel... (more)

WRT1900AC Fan Daemon

This script replaces the default Openwrt fan script allowing for more frequent temperature checking as well as a 50% fan speed rather than always on or always off. Credit to Openwrt user Gufus for the original code. (more)


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